OppTuna Support

Hey, How Do I Log In?

Every OppTuna installation has it's own URL, so you need to know yours (as well as your username and password). It's probably https://yourcompany.opptuna.com/

If one of your vendors has an OppTuna Customer Portal, the URL is most likely https://vendorname-customers.opptuna.com/ -- but your best bet is to find a link or a login form on your vendor's public website. You also need to get a Customer Portal username and password from your vendor. We can not give you this information.

OppTuna Support Wiki

OppTuna Help, "How To" guides, and FAQs for OppTuna users and administrators may be found on the OppTuna Support Wiki.

Purplewire Customer Portal

OppTuna customers who wish to report problems or request assistance are recommended to use the Purplewire Customer Portal Issue Tracker. Please log in here.

If you don't have a customer portal account, or have lost your username, please contact Purplewire support via phone or email.

Sales, Account, or Tech Support

Contact our Customer Support desk, and your inquiry will be routed to the appropriate individual.

By Email:support @ purplewire.com
By Phone:+1 (315) 234-0079 x307